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Healthcare Industry

There is a good amount of need of medical recruitment consultant services in the medical industry. Getting the most dependable healthcare recruitment consultant often becomes puzzling.

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Construction Industry 

The role of construction recruitment consultants has become very relevant. Many construction projects are going on. The construction recruitment agency.

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Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas recruitment services are a real necessity in these sectors. When it comes to discussing the global economy, you just can’t deny the contribution made by various industrial sectors.

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Hotel Industry

We are one of the recognized hotel recruitment agencies specialized in recognizing, evaluating, and putting expert and management talent in the hospitality business.

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IT Industry

If you are looking for a reliable IT recruitment consultant, Falisha Enterprises Recruitment Group in Pakistan can be the safest bet. Just reach us and leave the rest to us.

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Food Processing Industry

Over the past few decades, the food industry has undergone some massive transformations. Catering to Ever-evolving client preferences and the increasing demand for food safety.

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Logistics Recruitment

You need to get hold of a reliable logistics recruitment agency for getting quality manpower. Beware, Not all recruitment agencies work upto the mark!

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Education Industry

Falisha Manpower also specializes in Education Recruiting Services. A good recruitment agency does not only work for the teacher but also offer various kinds of services to the school.

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