The Complete Guide to Saudi Arabia Work Visa Processing/Stamping in Pakistan

What is a Saudi Work Visa and How to Process it in Pakistan?

A Saudi work visa, also referred to as an employment visa or work permit, grants foreign nationals the legal right to work within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Typically issued to individuals who have secured employment with a Saudi employer or sponsor and fulfilled the requisite criteria outlined by the Saudi government.

As a Pakistani national, you have two avenues to obtain your Saudi Arabia work visa:

  1. Initially, by applying for a job in Saudi Arabia from Pakistan and securing an offer letter from your prospective employer. Subsequently, your employer will initiate the visa application process on your behalf. The visa processing period may extend up to 2 months. Upon approval, you must visit a Saudi embassy or consulate in Pakistan to complete the visa stamping, which typically takes one to two weeks. Once stamped, you are authorized to travel and work in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Alternatively, you can opt for Saudi Arabia work visa processing through a reputable recruitment agency in Pakistan specializing in Saudi employment, such as Falisha Manpower. They provide comprehensive assistance throughout the visa application process, simplifying procedures and ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

Saudi Work Visa Requirements: Essential Documents for Saudi Work Visa Application

The prerequisites for a Saudi work visa, also recognized as an employment visa or work permit, may vary based on visa type, applicant nationality, and Saudi government regulations. Nevertheless, there are fundamental requirements that applicants typically must fulfill. Here’s a rundown of the key documents required for obtaining a Saudi work visa:

  • Visa application form
  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Sponsorship letter from the employer
  • Employment contract
  • Copies of educational and professional certificates
  • Medical examination report or certificate
  • Police clearance certificate or criminal background check

For additional information or clarification, individuals can contact the Saudi embassy or consulate directly at the following link: Saudi embassy or consulate.

Process of Saudi Arabia Work Visa Processing and Stamping

Falisha Manpower facilitates Saudi work visa processing and stamping, being registered with both the Saudi consulate in Karachi and Islamabad. It’s noteworthy that while applications can be processed through any consulate, the required documents vary between the two.

For applications processed through the Islamabad consulate, the following documents are necessary:

  • Attested agreement (akada amal) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (vazarat kharijai) and Chamber of Commerce (urfiya tejari) for all visa titles.
  • Driver case (online license mandatory).
  • For managerial positions/engineers, degree attestation is mandatory, specifically for visa titles such as fani or mohandees; other visa titles do not require degree attestation.

On the other hand, for applications processed through the Karachi consulate:

  • Attested agreement (akada amal) is not required.
  • Driver case (online license not mandatory).
  • For managerial positions/engineers, degree attestation is mandatory for specific visa titles like fani or mohandees; other visa titles exempt degree attestation.

Processing and Stamping Time for Saudi Arabia Work Visas in Pakistan

The duration for processing and stamping a Saudi Arabia work visa in Pakistan varies based on several factors, including visa type, applicant nationality, application completeness, and embassy or consulate workload. Typically, the processing time ranges from a few weeks to several months. On average, Saudi Arabia work visa processing agencies in Pakistan require approximately 3-4 weeks to complete the process.

Once the visa is approved, the next step involves scheduling an appointment with the corresponding Saudi embassy or consulate for visa stamping. In Pakistan, visa stamping generally takes 1-2 business days. Upon receiving the stamped visa, individuals are authorized to travel to Saudi Arabia and commence work without encountering any legal issues, ensuring a legitimate and hassle-free transition to the Kingdom.

Fees Structure for Saudi Arabia Work Visa Processing and Stamping

The fees for processing and stamping a Saudi Arabia work visa can vary based on several factors, including visa type, applicant nationality, length of stay, and any additional services provided by the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate in your country.

Below is a breakdown of the fee structure for Saudi Arabia work visa processing and stamping:

  1. Standard Work Visa (Iqama):

    • Validity: Two years, with options for renewal.
    • Fees for companies with over 50% Saudi employees:
      • SAR 750 for Iqama (residence permit).
      • SAR 6,000 for work permit.
      • SAR 450 for health insurance.
      • Total: Typically SAR 7,200 (Saudi Riyals).
    • For companies with over 50% foreign employees:
      • Total cost: SAR 8,400 (SAR 7,200 for work permit alone) due to a higher work permit fee.
  2. Temporary Work Visa (New):

    • Validity: Up to 180 days (with a possible 90-day extension).
    • Fees: Information may be limited, and it’s recommended to consult the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development or a reputable visa processing agency for Saudi Arabia like Falisha Manpower for the latest details.

For up-to-date information on visa fees and processing, it’s advisable to consult reliable sources or reach out to professional Visa Processing Agency for Saudi Arabia who specialize in facilitating Saudi work visa applications.

(KSA) Saudi Arabia eVisa Sample Application Form

Validity of Saudi Arabia Work Visas: Understanding Your Visa Duration

The validity of a Saudi work visa is subject to various factors, including the visa type, terms of the employment contract, and discretion of Saudi authorities.

It’s crucial for work visa holders to be well-informed about the validity period of their Saudi Arabia work visa, residence permit (Iqama), and employment contract to ensure compliance with Saudi immigration regulations. Failure to renew these documents or exceeding the permitted duration can lead to fines, deportation, or legal repercussions. Additionally, staying updated on visa policies and renewal procedures is essential for maintaining legal status in Saudi Arabia.

As a general guideline, Saudi Arabia work visas typically remain valid for one year, with the option to renew for up to two additional years if necessary. The maximum extension period for a Saudi work visa is typically three years. It’s advisable for visa holders to stay informed about any changes in visa regulations to avoid any disruptions to their stay in Saudi Arabia.

How to Renewing your Saudi Arabia work?

Renewing your Saudi Arabia work visa entails submitting a specific set of documents to the relevant authorities in your home country. To initiate the renewal process, you’ll need to provide the following essential documents to the Saudi embassy or consulate:

  1. Visa: Present your valid Saudi work visa.
  2. Passport: Ensure you possess a valid passport with a minimum validity period, typically extending six months or more beyond your intended duration of stay in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Employment Contract: Include a copy of your current employment contract, duly signed by both you and your employer. This contract should outline the terms of your employment, including salary and duration.
  4. Medical Examination Report: Certain visa categories may necessitate a medical examination report conducted by an approved healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Criminal Record Check: In some instances, applicants may be required to furnish a criminal record check or clearance certificate from their home country’s police or relevant authority.

Typically, the processing time for renewing your Saudi Arabia work visa ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. For precise details on Saudi Arabia visa processing timelines, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +923465028305 or via WhatsApp. We’re here to assist you throughout the renewal process.

How to Extend Your Saudi Arabia Work Visa?

Extending your Saudi Arabia work visa involves several steps, with procedures varying based on factors like visa type, employment status, and Saudi Arabian authorities’ policies. Typically, visa extensions can be granted for up to two years.

To extend your Saudi work visa, the embassy or consulate in your country will typically require the following documents:

  1. Your current Saudi work visa.
  2. Valid passport.
  3. Employment contract.
  4. Sponsorship letter from your current employer.

The processing time for extending your Saudi work visa typically ranges from two to four weeks, allowing you to legally extend your stay and continue working in the country.

Saudi Arabia Visa Processing Status

For updates on your visa processing status or assistance with any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Best Visa Processing Agency for Saudi Arabia. We’re here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience throughout your visa extension process.

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